Early in 2020, I was invited to the baby shower of a close friend. I wanted to give my dear friend a unique and practical gift. Based on my experience as a practicing Kinderkineticist (early childhood motor development specialist), I knew that sensory games and exploration are powerful tools for fostering development in babies and toddlers.

I immediately decided to make a box full of stimulating and engaging toys and activities for my friend. This gift would have many benefits for her baby, and it would educate her and her husband on the importance of stimulation during this critical period in their baby’s life.

My friend and some other moms at the shower were impressed by my gift and encouraged me to make the boxes available for sale. Together with this feedback and motivation from family and friends, StimuBox was born.

“The first few years of a child’s life set the stage for all future growth” - UNICEF.
My dream is to use this company as a tool to prevent developmental delays from hindering a child to reach their full potential and to empower parents to play with their children and help them reach their developmental milestones.

At StimuBox, we are Passionate, Simple, Trustworthy and Generous.


We achieve success by always looking for ways to improve the developmental journey of children and helping every child reach their potential


We promote the simplicity of play through our simple product offerings with great benefits


We strive to be the trusted solution for every child’s developmental journey


We serve and support our community by making our product accessible to every child